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So I am really a crocheter, but sometimes I knit!

I've been happily telling you my tale of crocheting and the computer just ate it! So instead, I will tell you about what I was going to get to.

I'm knitting some house socks. Not slippers, just a medium weight pair of socks to keep my feet toasty puttering around the house. I want some that give a bit of extra warmth around the ankle and cushion the floor. I know, I know. Slippers would do it, but socks are so much softer and cozier!

The socks use a DK weight acrylic yarn so the socks go right in the washing machine with a regular load of laundry, but I always pull my socks out for air drying, never in the dryer. I want their fibers, natural or acrylic, to not get overheated. With a size three needle these socks work up really quickly.

Here's sock one and I promise, there will be another one soon, it's already underway - along with a free pattern.

I'll be back soon with another sock and the free pattern. Happy feet and cozy winter toes!



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