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The Hats:  

Each of the hats created by Jo Eaton are inspired by the fibers that shape them.  Some fibers request a particular form; for example: lupines, roses, or tulips.  Other fibers ask to stand alone in simple caps. Jo delights in creating with the fibers that beautifully lend themselves to being worked with a crochet hook, one stand at a time, drawn through the air to create  hats of beauty and warmth.

It is the beautiful fibers, handspun or collected by Jo, that result in the wide variety of hats that make up the No Repeats Fiberwork’s selections. 

The hats are crocheted in the tradition of her family, learned from her mother and aunt, Barbara Richards  and Jeanette Speed.


The Hats come have evolved over the years and come in several categories.  This will not be complete until I add my special series in January.  But here is a teaser of the types of hats I make and have made over the years.


Classic Shapes

Simple Beanie



Original Designs:

Rolled Brim


Designer Series

Sunflower Series

1972:  I started selling crocheted hats in Rockland, Maine in a gift shop that I no longer remember the name of.  They were cloches and it was the early 70's, the colors were horrendous, but it was the 70's and they sold.  I will be remaking a few of these hats, just for the fun of seeing them again.  I was doing workshops in macrame and watercolor painting at  Mountainview Farm at the then Squaw Mountain Ski Area, now known as Moose Mountain.  Donna Moreland was organizing art workshops and local people were there on a once a week, weekly basis, and she brought in artist from the Northeast Region to spend a week at the


1976: on the streets in Dover-Foxcroft selling Prairie Style Baby Bonnets from fabric, geometric needlepoint pillows and  simple crocheted caps.


by 1978 I had started making helmet hats that are similar to the Peruvian hats you see for sale, a bit pointy on the top, with geometric designs, ear flaps and string ties.  A few years ago, I said, I wish I had one of those old hats and my sister said, "I have one!" But alas, I think it got mixed in with my current hats and sold at a show.  This will be my February Task: remaking the early hats.  Unless, of course, I get another new idea.

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