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Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival

Recently I found my way to The Peggy Rockefeller Farm (please take a moment to look at it) on Mount Desert Island. Once a private farm it is now a teaching farm as part of College of the Atlantic and is managed by C.J. Walke who lives onsite with his wife, my dear friend, Korah Soll, and their daughters. Korah has been telling me about their experience in Bar Harbor and the sheep. This first but not last visit to the farm led me to purchase fleece from three different sheep even though two of the three have similar colored fleece.

Opps! I'm supposed to be telling you about the Bar Harbor Fine Arts Festival!!

Come see a wide variety of artists, crafters, and jewlers this weekend by the Town Green on the Bar Harbor Waterfront. Friday 12-7, Sat 10-7, and Sun 10-5.

See you there! Jo

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