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Meet the Artists of the Maine Art Collective

Artist Marsha Campbell

Marsha Campbell in her own words.

I have a special connection to nature and being outdoors;

its sounds, scents and color feed me.

I am most alive outdoors and work almost entirely with landscape;

trees and birds, especially, thrill me.

I also am drawn to landscapes with wide skies and wild clouds.

The following are samples of Marsha's work currently available

at the MAC, 157 Middle Street, Portland, ME

Open 10-6 daily.

What is the Maine Art Collective?

Maine Art Collective’s mission is to create spaces and opportunities

for emerging artists to show and sell their work.

We are run by artists in a collective model.

Artists get to keep the majority of their profits,

so we are able to keep artwork affordable for all populations.

We hope you’ll visit one of our pop-up locations.

2023 Pop-Up Galleries

2 Locations:

157 Middle St. Portland, Maine

119 Perkins Cove. Ogunquit, Maine

Hours: Everyday 10-6

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My style is at once impressionistic and realistic. I don't strive to capture every little detail. Instead, I am looking to capture the feeling of a place, time of year or a time of day. In the past, I've painted with watercolors and used pastels, but these days I almost exclusively use acrylics, which I only took up a few years ago. Acrylics give me the freedom to work and rework a painting, till I get it as close to the picture in my head as I can. They allow me to experiment on different surfaces and with different tools: brushes or pallet knives. I still feel that I'm just beginning to understand them and that makes every painting both aan adventure and a learning opportunity.

Marsha Campbell and her daughter.

Marsha at the easel and more paintings can be found

on Instagram: Marsha's Paintings (clickable link)

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