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Valentine's Day Heart Workshop

Make your own Needle Felted Heart Pins! Please click on arrow to enjoy the slideshow.

A needle felted Valentines Day Heart pin to celebrate your love for a sweetheart, friend, mom, daughter, granddaugher, or anyone in your circle of friendship and love. As I write this, I think of what a heart means to me, but then I wonder, I suspect that it means much the same to others. First, to me, a heart symbolizes love, warmth, caring and a reaching out to another, an allowing of the expression of affection, caring and all the various types of love. Oh, but that is for another day, because it is such a big topic in itself. Then I wondered what the internet had to say about the symbolism of the heart. What a fun can of worms! So many options to look at but more than that, the Visuals of Hearts! When all those hearts popped up, it simply made me smile and reaffirm my affection for creating hearts in many forms. Here's a link for those that want the details in depth: Heart symbol - Wikipedia. This link takes you to a delight of Heart images: symbolism of heart - Search (

The Needle Felting Heart Pin Workshop will be hosted by Maine Micro Artisans from 6-8 pm at 8 Main St, Gorham, ME. The workshop will give more of the history of needle felting then we move on to create three heart pins, just in time for Valentine giving, sharing or wearing..   It’s a simple yet versatile technique that allows you to create amazing creations with just a few supplies.

Everything you need to start needle felting is included in your kit; a foam block to work on, felting needle, wool felt backing, dyed fleece in a variety of colors, pin back, beads for embellishment (if you want them), pin back and cards with envelopes for all three pins.  Jo customs spins the yarns for the heart pins to get luscious textures and twists.

Your instructor loves fiber and all things about it.  Jo Eaton has been needle felting for over twenty years, but only pins, they are a stand alone pin or an embellishment for one of her fancy crocheted hats.  

Jo is a recognized Traditional Folk Artist that has exhibited at craft shows, local and National Folk Festivals in Maine, Massachusetts and Virginia and exhibits her one of a kind hats in three art galleries. 

Kits for making the Needle Felted Heart Pins are available online at: Edit | Valentine's Heart Pin Kit Makes Three Heart Pins ( or by calling Jo Eaton 207-383-0421

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