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Classic Watchcaps

As the dark of winter approaches we wish to lighten our day through positive warmth. One of the simplest ways to do this is by choosing a warm and wonderful watchcap to face the great outdoors.

These classic watchcaps have the cuffed brim to offer double protection to your ears. They are flexible in sizing fitting a medium to large head, 22 to 23 1/2 inches around the head 1/2 inch above the ears.

To purchase a No Repeats Fiberworks hat, Please click to go to my Etsy Site: NoRepeatsbyJoEaton

  • Rust, gold and blue Watchcap of hand dyed wool that will fit a medium head.

Pink and gray tones of hand painted merino wool blended with pink mohair in a watchcap that will fit a medium to large head.

Two tone blue wool blended with light blue mohail watchcap that will fit a medium to large head.

Black Merino Wool Watchcap that will fit a medium to large head.

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