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A Winter's Warm Beach Day: Pine Point Adventure​

A break in the winter weather and southern Mainers rush to Pine Point, all with all of their favorite goals in mind. The day broke warm and dripping, snow gleaming on the horizon and water dripping from the snow above. The residue of the winter promising to leave soon, and as the day progressed, soon became sooner and the temperatures hit 50 degrees here in Gorham, Maine. Two weeks ago the blizzards swirled and the remains are packed solid on the ground as patches of brown grass rapidly begin to appear. It's school vacation and the kids were next door... Hey Rob, low tide is at 2:14 pm today! Quickly the message returned, kids are good to go! Of course, since the bag is not packed for the season or in the car, it took more than the anticipated twenty minutes to get out the door but we did it and as we drove through the Scarborough Marsh, we could already see and smell that the tide was Outttttttttttttttttttttttt...........

Around a few more turns and the parking lot at Pine Point came into view and I burst into laughter! We were not the only ones with this idea! The parking lot was FULL!!

Cars, trucks, vans and horse trailers!

People bundled against the light breeze coming off the

water that cooled in spite of the 47 degrees here at Pine Point. And some of those bundled people were on horseback headed for the wide expanse of low tide.

Sunlight glistened on the water as we made our way to the beach, children ready to climb on the rocks at the far end, but not before we would take time to check our and collect shells in our "collecting bags." I had brought one for each of us and Doria had come prepared with one of her own.

I laughed with joy as I surveyed the activities

across the beach,

people had arrived with great pleasure and anticipation of today and the days ahead.

Sand inspection begins.

First treasures are found and headed for the "collecting bag!"

Sailing for buggies on wheels and surfboards and a wind sail on wheels. Gently winds moved them all along the beach, some on water, some on sand.

Doria takes the first flying leap off the rocks!

Dayton takes his turn at flying off the rocks,

they were both cooperative at jumping

from places that grandmother considered safe for flying feet!

Bob is wishing you a happy day.............







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