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Why do you have a Stash?

Deep in my gut there resides a feeling.  

It is that Stash, yarn, fabric, beads and maybe a few other things as well have much deeper meaning than simply having materials around for a project.  It is like a bountiful garden that nourishes and surrounds you, holds you in its presence and contributes to your well being.  Why else would these items keep finding their way to us and asking to stay?  Why else would would we protect and defend the "Stash" even when we can't explain it.

I would love to hear from you regarding why you have collected yarn, fabric or beads and kept them around you.  How do you interact with them and conversely, how do they interact with you?  Does your "Stash" give you directions, call out to you, inspire creation, or surround you in its beauty?  Does it touch you with its colors, texture, size, possibilities?  Do you use it to create, not just the creation of a project, but as part of your decorating theme?  

When I sit in the forest and paint, the trees will speak to me, tell me about life, love, family, growth, and well being.  Similarly, my yarn, fabric and beads speak of their colors and what those colors bring to me or will bring to others in terms of joy and healing.  I have always had a creative impulse and it has taken many forms, but it comes down to the eye appeal, the color, what it can be and who it will be for. Over time, my yarn does not forget.  My son suggested that after a recent illness that I could share or sell or let go of some of my yarn.  My face said it all, and he followed that with, "Well, I guess that won't be happening."  I decided to at least give the thought some consideration.  I went to the studio and opened up some packages of yarn, every skein told me for whom it was intended and what it was meant to be.  Each one spoke loudly and clearly of the thought that accompanied its acquisition - for none had been purchased just to have.

So please, share with me your thoughts, ideas, dreams, plans and considerations of why you have a "Stash."  

With backgrounds in Sociology and Anthropology, I consider that culture, community, aesthetics, health, wealth, emotional connectedness, well being, and many more aspects come into play as we collect "Stash" around us.


So please, let me know your thoughts and feelings on your Stash!

 I'd love to hear from you, please write to:  or contact me through the contact me on this website.

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