Thank you for stopping by for a visit!  I love making hats and even more, love, love, love making people smile. The making of hats is often a solitary process but I enjoy meeting with all of you at shows and events.  It's a treasure to me when one of you find your fit, the hat that snuggles your head and makes you smile.  Enjoy checking out folks that have enjoyed getting hats through the years and soon, I will be adding even more hat photos.

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            A crocheter since the age of seven, I delight in the colors and textures of all landscapes, flowers and fibers, from the luxurious hand dyed and handspun mohair, alpaca, merino, silk and more.  


           Crocheting catches my imagination, as does a spider as it weaves its' web.  Out of air a single strand silently moves through a delicate pattern and creates a thing of beauty.  


            Crocheting provides the opportunity for your hook and yarn to dance, to flow with its' own inspiration with ease.  


            Very often one of my hats begins with an idea of what the hat will look like at the end, but alas, sometimes the hook and yarn have other ideas.  The yarn begins to roll creating a design of its own, at the end of eight rows the hat is six inches in diameter rather than the eight I expected, but this is not for me to control but to follow.  


           The various yarns, nature, flowers, other hats, requests, and wondering what would happen if have inspired my designs. 


          And after all these years, I have now figured out how to do custom work.  Large to small, hat to shawl, I'll crochet it all.  (yes, punny)

2018 Hats & Yarns

&  Center bottom 50 yrs 

Thank you for giving my hat a new home and making it Your Hat!!

I love how hats can make people smile!

Shows are starting in Late July 2019.

Check show listings and see you soon!!

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