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I love everyting about fiber and have for many years.  It amazes me to take a crochet hook, blend some yarns together and make beautiful hats.   I am a lifelong crocheter and learned needlework skills from my mother and aunt at seven years old.  That means I have been crocheting for sixty-one years!  I can't believe that's possible....  As a youngster growing up with the needlearts, I am a recognized Traditional Fiber Artist.  

And you will note at the end of my list is onions, yes, onions.  I love all things onions, eating, growing, learning, experimenting with each aspect of the above.  


My biggest onion passion is Eqyptian Walking Onions, I have grown them for over thirty years now and always felt that there was more that I could do with them.  I finally figured it out, so check out the onions section.  Leeks are in this category and I am pretty fond of them as well.